Good fashion is hard, but necessary

It's clear the world is taking a much-needed break and stretch. We're all tired, we're all mad, we're all in a state of discontent of how things are going in the world.

Right now, GOJI is focused on setting the foundation for a more sustainable future. Sustainable as it relates to our business and sustainable as it relates to taking care of our earth.

Choosing the right fabric mills, matters. How they pollute their regions, is most important.

Choosing the right dye houses, matters. How they affect their surrounding communities, is most important.

Choosing the right sewing houses, matters. How they treat their workers, is most important. 

Every decision we make, matters to the long-term future of us all.

We're not here to do "fast fashion." We're not here to sell the cheapest goods with the highest margin.

We're here to produce goods that will last a lifetime, feel good on your body, and bring a little inkling of happiness to your day.

Our first capsule collection went well, but not as good as it could have gone. We've learned from our mistakes, our shipping errors, our delays, our own ignorances have been made to us -- and we're ready for the next phase.

We're expanding our operations, our network of factories, and our shipping regions.

And we're reducing the size of each collection to really focus on the product and the story we're trying to tell.

Season 2 was slated to release April 2020, but COVID-19 definitely put a halt to that plan. It was a beautiful 15 piece collection of springtime pastels set in the countryside of France. 

We created our own fabric, and mosaics, from scratch. Partnered with local artists, local fabric mills, and local fabric printers. All local to NYC -- our homebase. Due to COVID-19 and our NYC factories being closed for the past 100 days, we've decided to cancel season 2 for the time being and refocus on the next launch.

Maybe one day in the future, we will give what we built to the community. 

We hope that we continue to grow, so we can tell our story.

Here's a snippet from our Design Team.